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  • Machine Sand Suppliers Kakinada

    Machine Sand Suppliers Kakinada

    Inspired by nature, machine Sand is an ideal substitute to river sand. It is manufactured just the way nature has done for over a million years. machine sand is created by a rock-hit-rock crushing technique using state-of-the-art plant & machinery with world-class technology.

    Created from specific natural rock, it is crushed by a three-stage configuration consisting of a jaw crusher followed by a cone crusher and finally a Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI) to obtain sand that is consistent in its cubical particle and gradation.

    Machine sand is the environmental-friendly solution that serves as a perfect substitute for the fast depleting and excessively minded river sand, which is so essential for percolating and storing rain water in deep underground pockets and protects the ground water tables.

    Machine sand is suitable for all concrete preparations and is used across all segments such as Builders, Infrastructure concrete work, RMC Plants, Concrete Batching Plants and independent Houses.

    Get the Robosand Advantage

    • The cubical particle shape helps make concrete more cohesive.
    • A perfect gradation ensures fewer voids and increases the compressive strength.
    • Well balanced physical and chemical properties in machine sand make for more durable buildings.
    • machine sand is produced under controlled conditions with raw material from a single source resulting in a very consistent quality with no seasonal fluctuation.
    • The complete absence of deleterious materials eliminates wastage and works out economical for use in concrete.
    • An optimum level of fines content, helps overcome deficiencies of concrete such as segregation, bleeding, voids and honey combing.
    • Easy availability of machine sand in huge quantities around the year leads to execution of construction projects on time.
    • machine sand is an eco-friendly product and its usage helps conserve nature by preventing depletion of ground water levels.